" Paint your hall, build a wall,
Handyman George - the one to call! " 

£25/half hour (minimum 2 hours for postcodes more than 5 miles from BURNHAM)
£300 full day (8 hours continuously)
Please enquire for longer term rates
Tuition charged at the same rates as handyman work above
Night time rate of £99 per hour (applies between the hours of 10pm & 8am).
I believe the prices I charge are fair and offer good value.  They allow me to guarantee my work is of the highest standard.  I am fully insured.


Prepare my work space in advance, move any objects/furniture that may hinder work or access.
Locate stop valves for water/fuse box or main electricity switch etc.
Provide optimum parking space, for fastest unloading etc.
Describe the work as thoroughly as possible (to ensure the correct tools are brought) and provide any materials agreed on, before work commences
I tidy the work area on completion by default.  I am happy to leave this on request


Customer is responsible for providing (and the cost of) parking.  Please can arrangements be detailed on booking.

A note on estimates - I specialize in handyman work of a few hours up to a day or so.  I will give you my best estimate of duration on commencement of work.  Your description of the work, and any photo?s you can provide are a help prior to this.

Regarding quotes for larger projects, I am obliged to charge for two hours work (one hour within a five mile radius). 

I don't include removal of rubbish as standard, but I can do so by prior arrangement - please enquire regarding cost for your job.